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  • John Denver Remembered: 1 hour TV documentary. Director/ DOP. 24P DVC. March 2005,
  • American Warrior, Billy Fiske: History Channel. Field Producer/Cameraman  Spring, 2005,
  • Sting: Songs of Sacred Love.  DVD. Paris, FR 2003 Camera. HD 24P Video,
  • Innovators. Documentary for  A&E. Director of Photography. Beta SP,
  • Disney Channel 90 second promo with Snowboarders: DOP Film

Recent Projects: Notes by Greg Poschman

[IMAX "Mountain Magic],[ Chevrolet "Avalanche"] ,[Universal Pictures: "Dracula" DVD documentary],

[Portrait of a Teacher]

IMAX "Mountain Magic"

Aspen Moving Media recently performed Location Services for Bognerfilm of Munich. Action director Willy Bogner (Director of James Bond's ski action scenes ) was in Aspen shooting the IMAX film "Mountain Magic" which will be distributed in 2000 by MacGillivray Freeman films ("Everest".) We fast-tracked the film permit process with local and federal agencies, getting the OK to film a car paragliding from the top of a 12,000 foot peak, among other unique requests. The shoot included 2 helicopters and 3 paragliders, as well as the unmanned remote controlled car, which floated 4,000 vertical feet to land safely on the valley floor.

Permitting was difficult and critical- and we did not have time for a "no" answer and lengthy re-application. The filming came
off perfectly and Willy got spectacular shots. We worked for Willy Bogner on his feature "Fire and Ice" in 1985 which was filmed around Colorado. This is my second IMAX film, since working for MacGillivray Freeman films as Production Coordinator on "To The Limit", which was filmed in Aspen around 1987.

Chevrolet "Avalanche"

I recently spent a day shooting ski action footage for Chevrolet. The most interesting part was following skier Karen Sellars down Aspen Mountain with an Arri SR 2. The visibility and snow conditions were minimal for shooting at all, let alone skiing backwards down Spar Gulch. Having eyes in the back of my head would not have helped much, as our only window to shoot was in the flat light of a December blizzard. Karen kept her ski tips just behind mine and she gave me voice cues about obstacles in the thin snow cover. We shot it straight at 30fps as well as some "jiggy" 6fps. Chevy will use the footage to roll out a new truck in 2000.

Universal Pictures: "Dracula" DVD documentary

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days interviewing composer Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet, and taping the premiere of Glass' soundtrack for the re-release of Dracula, which Kronos and Glass performed beneath the theater screen in very low light. We could not add any light to the performance hall, and we were allowed to shoot only one performance, so I chose to supplement my roving Betacam with a digital video camera clamped to a hand rail near the projection booth. See the live performance if you have a chance. They will be touring with Dracula in 2000. A truly historical live cinema event.

Portrait of a Teacher:

For four years I have been working on a television documentary about Dorothy DeLay. Miss DeLay, at 82 is the world's preeminent classical violin teacher. Almost every famous violin soloist performing today has spent time in her studios at the Juilliard school in New York and at the Aspen Music School. Her favorite students are child prodigies, who seem to "get it" years before their peers. In this film we are exploring the nature of creativity, genius, discipline, and confidence in a child's education. Portrait of a Teacher is funded through grants from individuals and foundations, and it is a labor of love for me. We have interviewed many of her famous students and peers, including Sarah Chang, Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg, Gil Shaham, Robert McDuffie, and many others.) It is sometimes frustrating to take so long to make a film, but as time passes I get the opportunity to see her students mature.